The audience of 2016 rounded off a difficult year in's what they said!

Here's what the lovely audience thought in 2015

The audience of 2014 had a great time!

'Jack & his Beanstalk;  Lean, Green & Fully Erect', 2016

"My first panto ever, i was not sure what to expect, but i really enjoyed this bit of British tradition.  It is a very lovely production.  The cast was energetic, fabulous and very warm - they made all of us feel welcome.  It was a lunch break (45 mins) extremely well spent.  Highly recommended, this show deserves a full house, i for sure will be back to this hidden gem!"  5 stars

"A real feel good Christmas show, with lots of laughs and topical jokes...after the last twelve months they had plenty of material to work with...the cast were full of energy and there was a lovely buzzy feeling of enthusiasm in the audience".  5 stars

"Very funny, topical, pint-sized panto.  A real giggle at lunchtime!"  4 stars

"A great panto with reference to current affairs.  Great audience participation.  The cast had us all laughing.  The show was even more amusing as it was done on a budget and improvisation was hilarious.  A terrific lunchtime activity..."  4 stars

"This is panto as it should be.  Daft, full of innuendo and high campery...audience participation which we all did...get to see this, it's hilarious and worth the trip to St Brides."  4 Stars

'Whittington:  A Dick in the City' 2015

"Just been and saw your show.  Totally bonkers and thoroughly enjoyed myself!!  This is a must see!"

"A great show...goodhearted panto fun with lots of audience involvement, and some hilarious moments.  An outstanding performance from the Dame, Sally.  I would go again"  (4/5 stars from Audience Club, industry professionals)

"Very entertaining...the dialogue was full of innuendos..."  (4/5 stars from Audience Club, industry professionals)

"Short panto ideal for a city lunch hour - all the usual ingredients in 50 minutes of good old smutty innuendo and audience participation.  No surprise there's plenty of Dick jokes!"  (4/5 stars from Audience Club, industry professionals)

"Very enjoyable show.  Reverting to childhood for lunch was great fun!  Some nice jokes and excellent comic acting."  (4/5 stars from Audience Club, industry professionals)


'Tinderella:  The 'App'solutely Preposterous Love Story' 2014

"I thought this was really great.... There was an almost full house.... The cast were terrific and very funny(and hard working) It reminded me of past pantos at Drill Hall." 

" A hilarious & witty production, acted with great enthusiasm. It is just what is needed on a cold December lunchtime to bring a bit of Christmas cheer. " 

"Forget the Christmas pub lunch - get a sarnie and get shouting "he's behind you"! You will love it! "

"Loved it!  Such fun packed into 45 minutes!  All the actors did a wonderful job to make the audience feel like part of the show."

"Every Panto cliche mined in an exuberant, gloriously unsubtle innuendo packed production ... The script sends itself up ... Cast are enthusiastic"

"A very pleasurable way to spend a lunchtime.  Lots of energy and laughs."

"Wonderful lunchtime giggles that left me smiling all day."


'A-Ladd-In the City' 2013


"Such a fabulous way of spending a lunch time.  It's a laugh minute, good old-fashioned panto.  Forego the pub, have a glass of your favourite tipple at the theatre bar and go and see this.  I'm sure you will not regret it!"  (5/5 stars from Audience Club, industry professionals)

"Thoroughly enjoyable.  What a great idea - a lunchtime play.  With an enthusiastic cast, minimal scenery and props, outrageous jokes and classic panto audience participation"  (5/5 stars from Audience Club, industry professionals)

"This is possibly the most fun you can have in public, and legally, in 45 minutes at lunchtime!!  We cried with laughter for all of 45 minutes...  GO - take your colleagues, sandwiches and 'blow' your lunch break on some honest fun. A complete mash of soaps and panto - politics and London 2013 ... hitting the nail on the head on all accounts.  Forget the Christmas pub lunch - get a sarnie and get shouting 'he's behind you!'  You will love it!"  (5/5 stars from Audience Club, industry professionals)