A sneak peak at what you can expect from Panto at the Bridewell as part of Lunchbox Theatre.

Our Story

JED Productions came into being for Panto at the Bridewell Theatre in 2014.  Initially it worked alongside another production company named 'Give It Some Room' which Jeremy was a part of along with Elizabeth Webster and many other talented souls.

'Tinderella:  The 'App'solutely Preposterous Love Story' was such a great success that they decided they had no choice but to come back in 2015, where 'WHITTINGTON:  A Dick in the City' was a huge and joyful success.

We're back in 2016 with 'Jack and his Beanstalk:  Lean, Green and Fully Erect', we hope we'll see you down there chumrades!

JED Productions now works independently thanks to the talent, commitment and hard work of those involved at every level, and we can't wait to see how things turn out.


Photo by Christopher Sims

Sally Slowcook, star of 'WHITTINGTON:  A Dick in the City', Panto 2015